Personal History

Born in Oakland, CA. in 1950, Steve Messick describes his life thus far as being one,  "..colossal, unfolding adventure!"

Like so many youth, the product of a broken home, Steve found refuge in the music of the day. On his first guitar, one bartered from his brother, he remembers the first song he learned was "Tom Dooley" by the Kingston Trio. Though' a bit "rough and off-key," those first notes struck a chord in a young heart that has resulted in a musical career spanning over 45 years!

Encouraged by his mother, (who landed his first, full-time professional job as lead guitarist in a night club "house band" at the age of 15), the thrill of his first experiences performing determined Steve would be playing for audiences large and small for the rest of his life. He quickly found that music has the incredible power to captivate attention. He learned that just as the printed word reaches the mind, music reaches the heart and soul. Through' music, he saw people laugh, cry, and forget their problems and differences - even if for just a moment.

His diligence to the art form, often motivated by personal tragedy, brought many opportunities to travel and record. However, it was not until May, 1975 that peace, purpose, and direction was found when Steve surrendered his life and talents to Jesus Christ. Since then, he has sought to convey the Truth and Love of God to all who will listen.

He and his wife, Dell, have been married since 1975, and have raised two children - Delaine and Aaron, and have four grandchildren - Clarissa, Taylor, Kenna and Declan. Steve continues to perform, as his schedule allows.

In April, 2000, he officially retired from his career as a peace officer for a state law enforcement agency. He holds a teaching credential in police sciences, and has been a part-time, adjunct faculty staff member since 1986 at Imperial Valley College, near El Centro, CA. Steve holds a Bacelor's Degree in Theology from Vision International University and Bible College, and served as an Associate Pastor and Technical Director at Christ Community Church in El Centro, CA, for 13 years, until June , 2013. In February, 2014, Steve enrolled in a M.A. Degree program in Christian Apologetics at Newburgh Theological Seminary.

(Portions taken from media Press Releases)